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Wealth Management

Financial Planning
A Financial Planner analyses a client’s overall financial health and proposes a Comprehensive Financial Plan that addresses all the client’s needs, which includes Savings, Investments, Insurance, Retirement and Tax Planning, Debt and Risk Management and Expense Budgeting.
This process distinguishes the Financial Planner from the other Investment advisors and financial services intermediaries who may only be trained to address a particular area of the client’s overall financial needs.
Financial Planning provides direction and meaning to financial decisions, allowing the client to understand the manner and extent in which each of the decisions would affect their financial health as a whole.
The process starts with capturing client data, understanding their prevailing financial health, risk appetite, income & expense profile, financial goals and aspirations in life. To put it simply, we at Shriram Vyapar propose to act as personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to the client, who not only prepares and execute the plan but also helps in monitoring the performance at regular intervals