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About Shriram Vyapar Private Limited

About Shriram Vyapar:
Shriram Vyapar bridges the digital and financial divide between the have's and have nots. In India and especially in the B, C and D class towns internet penetration is low.
  • 91% of India's population don't have internet access. Out of 1.2 Billion people only 100 million have internet according to Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Business Standard Report.
  • 88 million of them coming from the urban cities and 24 million from the country's numerous villages and small towns.
  • 75% of the Internet users being school- or college-going kids and young men according to the same report.
If a person in the B, C or D class town wants to get a loan or buy a Bus Ticket he or pay money for insurance premium bought online it is a difficult affair. Shriram Vyapar will bridge this digital and financial divide to help the "aam aadmi" making it accessible, convenient and help the society.
Replication of Travel Industry::
Rs. 37,000 crores is the online travel industry according to reports. If the above statistics is true, how can online travel industry be Rs. 37000 crores? Our analysis shows that it is an agent sitting in the street corner who uses the internet and contributes to this Rs. 37000 cores. This is can also be inferred from the fact that $6 billion out of the $7 billion eCommerce transactions comes from Travel. Shriram Vyapar was born out of a simple thought: "What if we replicate this across other verticals like Real Estate, Loans or Premium Collections etc?" The journey has begun and many more services to provide.